Five Signs Indicating that your Chimney Needs Cleaning

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A chimney is a ventilation system. Chimneys are vertical chutes or tubes that carry smoke and gases upward from fires and throw them through the house’s roof. A chimney is also known as a ventilator or vent. It is an architectural layout made of metal or clay. It separates hot harmful exhaust smoke or gases built by a stove or fireplace from human living spaces. The chief function of the chimney is to direct the steam out of the home.

Besides directing the steam out of the home, the chimney of the hallways assures ample air is pulled into the stove. The drawn air is needed to burn the fire clean. In the kitchen, chimneys direct the smoke out of the house. For a stove to work flawlessly, a chimney is needed. A draft is created as an upshot of the temperature disparity between the inside and outside of the chimney. There must be a good draft in the chimney.

A good chimney – is a condition for the adequate functionality of the stove. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) believes that a chimney should be cleaned annually regardless of how often someone utilizes it.  If the chimney is not cleaned annually, high creosote content will be produced in your chimney. The high content of creosote can direct to a chimney fire. Moreover, deadly and tainted gases are built-in unclean chimneys. These gases can drive the formation of carbon monoxide, which is toxic if inhaled.

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While checking your chimney, the things to examine are oily marks on the fences of your fireplace, smells arriving from the fireplace, birds making noise inside the walls of your chimney, and many more. Many signs indicate that your chimney needs cleaning. The five most important signs are explained below:

1. Noises of birds coming from inside the chimney:

Birds mostly make their nests in higher places. They consider the chimneys as a safe place for them and make nests there. The bird’s nests wrap the ducts at the very top of your chimney. Squirrels also make nests in chimneys for their young ones. The nests of the birds can block the airflow in your chimney.

Moreover, the nests can catch fire while burning wood in your fireplace. These nests of birds can easily catch fire. Thus to keep your home safe from fire, there is a need to remove the nests from the chimney. You can remove that nest by yourself. Be careful while doing this and take preventive actions. But it is advised to hire professionals who can perform the task effectively.

2. Smoke doesn’t rise from the chimney:

To escape from the chimney’s cap, the smoke must pass from the flue. A layer of creosote or dust particles can stop the smoke in the chimney’s flue. Thus, the smoke may not rise to the chimney’s cap. If you notice that the smoke from the chimney is not like before, it’s a sign to get your chimney cleaned. You can clean the chimney by yourselves. But it is always suggested to call experts.

3. Smells coming from the fireplace:

When smoke doesn’t entirely escape, it begins to build up inside the chimney as creosote. Creosote is a dark black, tar-like essence having a campfire-like scent. The gathered creosote inside your chimney can keep steam and aura from escaping out. The wildfire-like odor of the creosote smells good to the nose, but it is risky.

Moreover, it promotes the build-up of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide. When someone inhales this odorless gas, it can lead to loss of consciousness, harm to the brain, and even death. The high build-up of creosote in your chimney can cause significant harm to your home when it catches fire. There is a need to call for expert help whenever you smell the bonfire-like odor from your chimney.

4. Chimney soot is dropping from the chimney:

Chimney soot is dangerous. It is mainly due to the build-up of creosote. Both creosote and soot cause inhalation hazards. These dirty essences cause serious fitness problems for people when inhaled. So if your chimney has scraps of chimney soot or creosote falling from chimney, it is risky and unsafe. Moreover, it is a sign that you need to clean your chimney.

5. Inaccurately burning fires:

If the wood in the chimney is inaccurately burning, you need to call an expert to check the chimney. The clogged chimney can be a reason for the problem of starting fires. Moreover, any malfunction with the fireplace muffler can also yield this. In both cases, the imperfect burning fire occurs. These issues do not allow sufficient oxygen supply to come inside to burn fire adequately.

It promotes the formation of carbon dioxide gas inside the chimney. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless gas formed by the undone eruption of fuels. Carbon monoxide can be hazardous when inhaled. It can induce intense harm to the brain and heart and eventually lead to death. Do not wait if your chimney has poorly burning fires; call an expert for help as soon as possible.

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