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Do you remember the last inspection and cleaning of your dryer vent? How long has it been? The lint and debris sloughing off your clothes build up in the ducts of the dryer vent and decrease the dryer's efficiency. This condition can lead to potential hazards, including fires and carbon dioxide intrusion.


It may seem a minor task, but if you look into why cleaning the dryer vent is necessary, you might think of doing it right away if you have not done it for a while.


Generally, you should clean your dryer according to the use. The more you use it, the more it needs to get cleaned. Moreover, if the venting system is longer than 15 feet or has many 90-degree bends, it needs more cleaning. Many cleaning experts recommend cleaning the dryer vent after every 500 loads. It is recommended to have a professional inspection of your dryer vents after two years. The dryer’s lint trap must be cleaned after every load of laundry. Moreover, when you shift to a new place, it is an excellent decision to clean the air ducts of the systems to avoid any future discomforts

What we do?

There are many types of air ducts and vents in your home; every type of duct is cleaned in a particular way. An inspection may also reveal an incorrect installation or fault in your systems.

Save your money and energy and dry your clothes in the first cycle

Whether you need to clean any air duct or require dryer vent cleaning, chimney cleaning, or mold prevention and remediation, Uniqairz cleaners can be your one-stop connection. We are fully insured and provide our services in Kansas City, providing solutions to your residential areas with free safety inspections. Our experienced and skilled technicians can perform a thorough cleaning of your dryer vent to combat lint accumulation and hazardous blockages. Uniqairz cleaners assure that your dryer system is operating safely continually, up to the code, and running with maximum efficiency.

Prevent the fire risk

The biggest threat of a clogged dryer vent is that it can cause fires in the area. The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that blocked dryer vents cause more than 15000 fires annually in the USA. The lint building up in a non-monitored dryer vent causes a decrease in the airflow in the duct leading to fires. The U.S. Fire Administration also accuses the collected lint as the leading cause of fires in cloth dryers. Commonly, people fail to recognize or ignore the signs of a blocked dryer vent, and this slight ignorance may cause disastrous consequences. It may include loss of life or property. So the best way to prevent such drastic results is to service your machines and ducts by Uniqairz air duct cleaners annually or depending upon the use of your machinery. Uniqairz air duct cleaners recommend the annual cleaning of your dryer vent to ensure the safety and efficiency of your dryer. However, if your dryer is used more often, then the cleaning may be required more than once a year.

What YOU can do

Where you can clean some areas of your dryer yourself, like the lint catcher and tailpipe, professional attention is necessary for some areas of your dryer venting system, including pipes running in the walls or building. The innovative technology of Uniqairz cleaners allows our professionals to clean your dryer vent in no time. In some cases, we can perform the cleaning from outside the house, making it an easy and hassle-free job for you.r. 

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