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Chimney sweeping is done for years and can be a filthy job. A fireplace that is regularly cleaned and used correctly produces very little soot. Uniqairz Cleaners have been learning the best ways to seal a chimney and prevent soot from spreading everywhere.

Uniqairz Cleaners in Kansas City have been sweeping chimneys for many years. We take pride in the quality of our work. All staff is fully trained, and we use the best equipment in chimney sweep technology. Our services include chimney sweeps, power sweepers, and comprehensive CCTV surveys.

What does a chimney sweep do?

A trained person to clean the inside of a chimney, removing debris and soot from the chimney is the job that an expert does. We provide a thorough chimney sweep service to prevent the buildup of creosote, a toxic hard coating you inhale. When planning a professional cleaning and repair service at a reputable company like Uniqairz Cleaners, you will invest in the well-being of yourself and your family.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, it is advisable to clean it at least once a year. Make an appointment with a chimney sweep before autumn, and allow enough time to get out and complete the chimney sweep and repair before winter. Uniqairz Cleaners chimney sweeps will be happy to share feedback on fireplace health and offer suggestions on how to use this convenience more efficiently.

Is there a problem with the fireplace?

Fireplace problems are widespread because many factors affect the performance of a fireplace. We combine professional equipment and experience to diagnose fire problems.

New homeowner, existing fireplace?

Nothing beats buying a lovely old house with a traditional fireplace and stove. However, the fire in the fireplace is probably not the “gift” of the housewarming you want. That’s why the fireplace is worth a look.

Uniqairz Cleaners Fireplace Cleaning Services include:

  • Determine the integrity of the chimneys of all types of fuel.
  • Elimination of obstacles.
  • Inspection and cleaning of the inside and outside of the chimney.
  • Look for problem warning signs before causing costly damage.

After inspecting the chimney, some old fireplaces may be candidates for chimney liner replacement. We use video camera technology to record the perimeter of the fireplace and present this video to homeowners for review. We often use stainless steel flues and are certified to install FuranFlex chimney cladding systems. These new fireplace surrounds are used more often in the brownstone, multi-story homes with multiple fireplaces and commercial buildings.

This hose can save homeowners the considerable rock repair costs that are sometimes needed when replacing an old clay fireplace that requires direct access to the back of the wall. Regardless of which chimney replacement you used, the experts at Uniqairz Cleaners, a leading fireplace manufacturer in Kansas City, can handle all kinds of applications.

Your safety must be prioritized in fireplace service.

The goal of Uniqairz Cleaners chimney service engineers is to help prevent fires associated with fireplaces, gas wood stoves, and oil heating systems and the fireplaces used in them. In addition to cleaning and servicing the Long Island chimney, we inspect all components, specify changes to improve safety and productivity, and provide our customers with information on safe and efficient operations. We are always looking for dangerous conditions that can cause a home fire or threaten the population with unsafe or unhealthy indoor air quality.

Chimney inspection level

Level 1:

It is the most basic and simplest. If there are no structural changes to the heating system and you continue to heat as you did last year, you may be subject to Level 1 inspection. In this case, the inspector will quickly check whether all items have the proper function and structure.

Level 2 :

This level of inspection is more detailed and is performed when the homeowner changes the fuel used and when constructive changes are made to the flue lining. When a new house owner or a fire in the house during the previous period, this inspection includes all the essential elements of a Level 1 inspection. Still, inspectors also check for chimney elements accessible throughout the house, such as basements, attics, and mezzanines.

Level 3 :

If any of the above tests suggest a hidden danger somewhere in the chimney structure, a third-level test will be performed. This inspection requires dismantling to inspect the suspicious chimney area thoroughly.

How often does the chimney need to be cleaned?

Most fireplaces are recommended to be inspected and cleaned annually to maintain safety and guaranteed performance, even when used only occasionally. Annual inspections show that animals can nest in chimneys with little use of the fireplace, or there may be other types of deterioration or obstacles that could endanger the fireplace.

Fireplace problems can occur all year round, so providing a summer fireplace cleaning service will help you maintain your fireplace all year round. The fireplace may not be in use, but the outside of the fireplace may be damaged and may need repair. In this way, keeping the chimney clean and adequately can extend its life of the chimney. You can also use amenities to clean the fireplace during the summer. You can get ahead of the fall rush to get the fireplace to work in preparation for the winter.

Whenever your chimney or fireplace is cleaned or inspected, you can always expect the highest level of service from an affordable chimney. We are passionate about our work and love to help our neighbors. Our technicians always welcome you with a smile and discuss your goals and issues before you start work. It also explains how our cleaning system works and how we prevent dust from spreading to your home. Answer the questions before you start and provide a complete description of the Suffolk County Fireplace Service once you’re done.

Regularly scheduled chimney sweeps

The “chimney fire” means a fire that did not occur intentionally. There is a big difference. Some warning signs include damaged roofing materials, smoke leaks from masonry mortar joints or tile covers, and cracks in external masonry material.

Why is it important to clean the chimney?

The chimney sweep’s job is to remove accumulated soot, clogging, and creosote from the chimney lining, hearth, smokebox, and dampers. This cleaning helps to create safer system operations in the heating system. Creosote can also reduce chimney absorption and reduce efficiency. Chimneys can attract animals, and it is vital to inspect the chimney at least once a year.

Benefits of chimney cleaning 

Keep your family & home safe

Nothing is more important than keeping your home or family safe while enjoying a fireplace or wood stove in the colder months. The fireplace is a vital ventilation system that prevents toxins, fumes, and dangerous smoke from escaping the house. A cleaned chimney means an efficient and safer and more fireplace and household heating appliances.

Heat your home more efficiently

Regular cleaning of the chimney is crucial as, with time, your fireplace efficiency drops when an extra layer of creosote is deposited in the chimney. It will allow cooler air circulation, reducing energy efficiency and requiring you to burn fossil fuels and more wood often to keep you warm. A professional chimney cleaning service by a certified cleaning company will considerably increase the productivity of your fireplace and other home heating systems so that warm air stays inside and evacuates the dangerous fumes outside efficiently.

It saves you costly chimney repairs

Trained chimney sweeps help decrease the wear and tear of chimney parts and prevent expensive premature repairs. Also, a thorough top-to-bottom chimney cleaning will help you find out before the small masonry problem grows and becomes a more costly chimney repair. 

What if I don’t clean the fireplace?

If the chimney is not cleaned properly, dangerous smoke will be generated, which can fill the house and cause problems such as severe choking. The use of chimneys can also corrode soot and rust from chimney pots. Chimney blocks are a common reason for home fires in the United States.

When do you clean the fireplace?

The fireplace must be cleaned before the fire season by the beginning of autumn at the latest. If you hire a chimney sweep, you can expect a quick turnaround if you take him there early, preferably in the summer.

Need to clean the fireplace?

The American Chimney Safety Institute (CSIA) states that the fireplace must be cleaned if 1/8 inch soot is built up in a chimney or exhaust system.

We also offer the following services

  • Chimney maintenance
  • Air duct cleaning service
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Mold cleaning services

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