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Chimney sweeping is done for years and can be a filthy job. A fireplace that is regularly cleaned and used correctly produces very little soot. Uniqairz Cleaners have been learning the best ways to seal a chimney and prevent soot from spreading everywhere.

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Why is it important to clean the chimney?

The chimney sweep’s job is to remove accumulated soot, clogging, and creosote from the chimney lining, hearth, smokebox, and dampers. This cleaning helps to create safer system operations in the heating system. Creosote can also reduce chimney absorption and reduce efficiency. Chimneys can attract animals, and it is vital to inspect the chimney at least once a year.


At Uniqairz, we know the ins and outs of Prairie Village as air duct cleaner. Our highly-experienced professionals combine cutting-edge tools, best industry practices, and passion in one place, enabling you to get rid of all kinds of contaminants without a hassle!

Chimney inspection level

The American Chimney Safety Institute (CSIA) states that the fireplace must be cleaned if 1/8 inch soot is built up in a chimney or exhaust system.

Level 1

It is the most basic and simplest. If there are no structural changes to the heating system and you continue to heat as you did last year, you may be subject to Level 1 inspection. In this case, the inspector will quickly check whether all items have the proper function and structure.


Level 2

This level of inspection is more detailed and is performed when the homeowner changes the fuel used and when constructive changes are made to the flue lining. When a new house owner or a fire in the house during the previous period, this inspection includes all the essential elements of a Level 1 inspection. Still, inspectors also check for chimney elements accessible throughout the house, such as basements, attics, and mezzanines.

Level 3

If any of the above tests suggest a hidden danger somewhere in the chimney structure, a third-level test will be performed. This inspection requires dismantling to inspect the suspicious chimney area thoroughly.

What does a chimney sweep do?

A trained person to clean the inside of a chimney, removing debris and soot from the chimney is the job that an expert does. We provide a thorough chimney sweep service to prevent the buildup of creosote, a toxic hard coating you inhale. When planning a professional cleaning and repair service at a reputable company like Uniqairz Cleaners, you will invest in the well-being of yourself and your family.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, it is advisable to clean it at least once a year. Make an appointment with a chimney sweep before autumn, and allow enough time to get out and complete the chimney sweep and repair before winter. Uniqairz Cleaners chimney sweeps will be happy to share feedback on fireplace health and offer suggestions on how to use this convenience more efficiently.

Is there a problem with the fireplace?

Fireplace problems are widespread because many factors affect the performance of a fireplace. We combine professional equipment and experience to diagnose fire problems.

New homeowner, existing fireplace?

Nothing beats buying a lovely old house with a traditional fireplace and stove. However, the fire in the fireplace is probably not the “gift” of the housewarming you want. That’s why the fireplace is worth a look.

Uniqairz Cleaners Fireplace Cleaning Services include:

  • Determine the integrity of the chimneys of all types of fuel.
  • Elimination of obstacles.
  • Inspection and cleaning of the inside and outside of the chimney.
  • Look for problem warning signs before causing costly damage.

After inspecting the chimney, some old fireplaces may be candidates for chimney liner replacement. We use video camera technology to record the perimeter of the fireplace and present this video to homeowners for review. We often use stainless steel flues and are certified to install FuranFlex chimney cladding systems. These new fireplace surrounds are used more often in the brownstone, multi-story homes with multiple fireplaces and commercial buildings.

Chimney cleaning service

With time, chimneys can form many harmful compounds, for example, creosote. Not only are these compounds flammable, but they also make fireplaces and chimneys a hazardous heating option. However, if you are working with Uniqairz cleaning, you can say goodbye to creosote and all similar compounds. 

Chimney cleaning is a detailed process that involves creating a clean stovepipe using specialized tools without cluttering your home. Be proactive by prioritizing regular maintenance in your home each year. Our experience and dedication to education and customer satisfaction guarantee an extraordinary level of service. No matter what your chimney vent system or dryer needs, you can count on us for professional cleaning and inspection services. At Uniqairz cleaning, your satisfaction and safety are our prime goals!

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