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What is Chimney Creosote & How to Get Rid of it?

If smoke is not completely expelled from your chimney, Creosote builds, and it may lead to
chimney fires, which can subsequently spread to the home and inflict much more damage. A
professional chimney cleaning service can help you to deal with the issue in most appropriate
Creosote is a sort of soot that forms in your chimney when you use a wood stove, and it may
build up in your chimney if the smoke rises too slowly. Initially, Creosote is simple to clean and
remove. But as it piles up, it becomes more tar-like.
Wet wood doesn't heat up as much as dry wood, causing Creosote. Unseasoned wood contains
more moisture than seasoned wood, which doesn't get as hot. Smoke and air exit the chimney
more slowly when the wood burns slowly and builds Creosote. Insufficient oxygen may also
cause incomplete combustion, and it is an ideal situation for Creosote.
Stages of Creosote:
These stages are mainly divided into first, second, and third-degree Creosote:
• There is a thin coating of creosote flakes in Stage 1. The condition isn't life-
threatening at this point, but it might become problematic in the future. At-home
products may be used to remove stage 1creosote.
• The Creosote begins to resemble tar in the second stage. It may still seem like flakes,
but it becomes difficult to remove it. You may terminate it with a few tools, but you
should hire a chimney cleaning service to get rid of it completely.
• Creosote is thicker and more concentrated at the third degree, making it more prone
to cause chimney fires. The Creosote in the chimney slows air circulation, and the
thickness implies the chimney air column is less. You must seek the assistance of a
professional chimney cleaning service at this stage. They may be able to get rid of the
Creosote, but this might harm your chimney liner. It's typically preferable to have
your chimney liner replaced.

The right way to get rid of it:
It is a fact that usually, you can't avoid or limit accumulation. You have specific therapy
alternatives. Stage 1 creosote may be removed at home. Using logs and brushes to remove
Creosote is fast but ineffective. As Creosote grows, call a professional chimney cleaner for
proper inspection and cleaning. A chimney cleaning service can safely treat Creosote.

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