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Uniqairz Cleaners is a one-stop solution to clean all your worries regarding air duct cleaning!

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Building and home ventilation systems can easily become a source of dust, dirt, bacteria, and fungi, affecting people's health. Every residential and commercial duct system needs episodic air duct cleaning services to ensure air remains clean, healthy, and hygienic for every individual and community. Environmental Protection Agency directs home and building owners to clean air ducts when they find mold growth, insects, rodent infiltration, unnecessary filth, and mud inside the duct. But when such issues arise, many owners do not know how to tackle these and lack knowledge of tools to clean air ducts thoroughly. This is a full-time job that requires professional expertise and services.

When to clean your air ducts?

Have you ever examined the ductwork of your house? If your ducts are made of glass, then there are more chances that you would perhaps get those cleaned more frequently. You might think that because the dust is veiled away, it is just supposed to be there, but that is not the case. When your furnace/heater or air conditioner is turned on, it flows air through your living areas. When it is circulating, dust particles out into the air, and we breathe. Over the years and years, the amount of dust, fragments, torpors, mold, fungus, biochemical toxins, and allergens can be built up in the heating and cooling system.

We believe that our customers must have information when they need to clean their air ducts at home or in commercial places. There are some specific conditions:

  • suppose family members or employees are undergoing uncommon or unexpected signs or sicknesses that you consider related to the environment. In that case, you should consult the state with your doctor and deeply inspect the air ducts for satisfaction. Although, the Environmental protection Agency has provided guidelines for identifying indoor air quality and ways to fix them.
  • Suppose there is perceptible mold development inside the ducts or on chunks of other heating or cooling systems. Sometimes many sections of heating and cooling systems are not easily visible. Therefore, ask your service provider to inspect the presence of mold deeply.
  • If air ducts installed at home or commercial places get wet or stale, these must be substituted or removed.
  • If the mold of the air duct has not been adequately cleaned, it will recur and deteriorate the ducts.
  • If air ducts are infested with rodents and insects.
  • If air ducts are congested with excessive dust, dirt, and other elements.
  • If your house  has a definite smell that is not going away, such as the odor of fungus or tobacco smoke.
  • Even if there is always dust or dirt in your house, you need us to clean it at your earliest convenience.

If any condition has been identified in a residential building, then immediate cleaning  of air ducts is necessary, otherwise, it would create problems and diseases for individuals and communities.

What makes us unique!

We have an expert team that has concluded that air alone cannot extricate fragments from all the corners and chinks, nor it can eliminate the film formed by oils from cooking, asphalt and cigarette smoke, or grime from candles, and wooden stoves. Therefore, we use modern state-of-the-art technology for cleaning purposes. Our world-class air duct cleaning system delivers excellent consequences away from your anticipations. We are highly assertive about our high-quality products and specialized team that we would resolve your air quality issues thoroughly.

Uniqairz Cleaners – a name of convenience for people

Our cleaning company has brought a revolution through fabulous services such as customer-based services that make sure complete satisfaction and create ease for them. We believe in our motto of having loftier customer support and higher services standard when dealing with people. Moreover, we follow international cleaning standards and tools at affordable prices at your doorsteps on one call. We offer proper and deep cleaning measures for duct cleaning, effectively reducing inside air glitches. A good vacuum assortment reduces the dust, fuss, and other particles. Our vigilant, professionally trained providers improve the heating and cooling system by cleaning air ducts. Call us for air duct cleaning if you need to sweep, dust, and dirt more than usual. Even if you are experiencing higher utility bills, cleaning the air duct efficiency of the cooling and heating system can be improved. Cleaning air ducts will restore air flow in ventilation systems if your rooms have less or no air flow from vents.

Some guidelines for customers

If you need to clean air ducts, take some precautions to help assess the service provider’s trustworthiness and proficiency. We guide our customers about applying chemicals inside the air ducts to prevent further growth of germs and mold, i.e., bacteria and fungi. Further prevention from dust and dirt elements, we recommend sealant to seal air leaks. Therefore, recognizing the pros and cons of chemicals, biocides and sealants are vital for clients to know. We anticipate our clients to clean the dust of homes during construction or renovation and advise them not to operate the cooling and heating system during this duration and seal the supply to ensure the duct is safe. Using high-efficiency filter and vacuum cleaners to remove dust is highly endorsed and creates an environmentally friendly atmosphere. Moreover, for heating systems with in-duct humidification equipment, there is a need to maintain humidifiers regularly. Preferably the humidifier must be recommended by the manufacturer of the heating system.

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