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Kansas City Area ,Looking for a trusted  Air duct cleaning provider that can eliminate foul smells from your rooms? Interested in improving the air quality of your home or office? No matter the need, we at Uniqairz Air Duct can accomplish everything to give you an immaculate environment. Reach out to us today to clean all your worries away!  

Air Duct Cleaner in Kansas


At Uniqairz, we know the ins and outs of Kansas City as air duct cleaner. Our highly-experienced professionals combine cutting-edge tools, best industry practices, and passion in one place, enabling you to get rid of all kinds of contaminants without a hassle!


There is some of our services as air duct cleaner that our team can provide at Uniqairs Cleaners

air duct cleaning

Have dirty air ducts? Target the dirt at its roots and never miss the chance to breathe fresh air!

Clean Dryer Vent Professionally
dryer vent cleaning

Eliminate the lint and dirt buildup from your dryer vent and save time by drying the clothes faster!

Chimney Cleaning Kansas City
chimney cleaning

Prevent corrosion of your chimney system by removing soot and don’t worry about the chimney fire again!

mold prevention and remediation

Effectively deal with mold growth and create a healthy environment that makes your home look ultra-clean! 

Mold removal and UV-LIGHT service

The thought of that mold growth inside the duct or any hidden part of the house worries you right? As it is dangerous for your facility and your and your familys health is also at risk and not even limited to your family, but also the people around you would be affected. According to many recently published studies, these concerns are not without reason. As research continues, evidence of how increased mold levels can worsen the problem and have a significant impact on health the longer it is left untreated. For this reason, it is crucial to address such issues immediately. Early action is the most important thing you can do when it comes to minimizing the impact of mold on your health and home.

Air duct cleaning service

Uniquairz cleaning is a leading duct cleaning service provider. Our expert technicians perform a thorough cleaning to remove contaminants such as dust, mold, and bacteria. Cleaning the duct also helps prevent excessive home dust and allergies by removing irritants from the duct.

Referring to NADCA, up to 40 pounds of dust is generated each year. The HVAC system recirculates air 5 to 7 times a day, allowing dust and other air pollutants in the house to be drawn into the air ducts. Putting yourself in the air duct cleaning will help maintain your home’s healthy indoor air quality.

When air conditioning equipment is contaminated, the system needs more energy to transfer heat and function more powerfully. According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), “HVAC systems make up 40-60% of the energy used in US commercial and residential buildings.” Ensuring your air duct is maintained and functioning properly can save you energy and cost.

Dryer vent cleaning

Did you know that dryers cause thousands of building fires each year? These fires and casualties are estimated to cause more than $ 100 million in property losses each year. The most common cause of a dryer fire is a clogged dryer vent. This problem can be avoided entirely with proper and regular cleaning. Seeking professional help is always recommended.

Maintaining a dryer vent system is not only a wise investment but also a safety requirement. Fires associated with dryers and fireplaces affect health, depriving families of their homes and occasionally even their lives yearly. The chimneys and dryer vent systems are hidden from view, making it impossible to clean and inspect the dryer vents without special tools. It is almost impossible to determine if creosote has accumulated in the chimney or if there is a thick layer of lint in the dryer vents. By scheduling annual inspections and cleaning the dryer vents with Uniqairz cleaners, you can have safety measures and peace of mind that your family and home are safe and secure. 

Chimney cleaning service

With time, chimneys can form many harmful compounds, for example, creosote. Not only are these compounds flammable, but they also make fireplaces and chimneys a hazardous heating option. However, if you are working with Uniqairz cleaning, you can say goodbye to creosote and all similar compounds. 

Chimney cleaning is a detailed process that involves creating a clean stovepipe using specialized tools without cluttering your home. Be proactive by prioritizing regular maintenance in your home each year. Our experience and dedication to education and customer satisfaction guarantee an extraordinary level of service. No matter what your chimney vent system or dryer needs, you can count on us for professional cleaning and inspection services. At Uniqairz cleaning, your satisfaction and safety are our prime goals!

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I cannot thank them enough for cleaning the mess from the air ducts. I never thought my house would smell that better!
Ethan Valdez
Kansas City ,KS
I called them to clean my chimney and the dryer vents. They were quick and did everything with utmost accuracy. A million thanks!
Adam Brooks
Overland Park ,KS

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